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Corporate insurance

Corporate Insurance or SME Insurance is specially designed for companies, which ensure optimum protection to the most valuable assets. Whether it is fire insurance, liability against property damage or services offered, group policies to the employees or insuring other valuable machinery in the organization, Corporate insurance plays an imperative role. It is important to identify the insurance needs of a large entity or small start-up that prevents the business from coming to a halt.

Why Do You Need Corporate Insurance?

From the very beginning, a business is exposed to certain risks such as the risk of breakdown, damage or theft. One lawsuit is enough to tear down a small business even before it has got off the grounds. Fortunately, business has access to certain types of insurance that ensure its safety. For example, employees are the most valuable asset of a business entity that needs to be retained for the progressive growth of the company. This policy with its life and health coverage feature is a great moral booster and works as an employee retention factor.

The types of coverage offered under Corporate Insurance, are designed keeping the various insurance needs of a company. So, it is the responsibility of every employer to identify the needs of its various asset and cover them accordingly.

Type Of Corporate Insurance

Commercial Insurance

This insurance is designed for commercial entities such as industries, businessmen, start-ups to cover the associated risks. It is a type of business insurance that offers financial solutions to various unforeseen events that can hold the growth of a business.

Group Insurance

Group insurance is designed for a group of people from the same business entity, association or organisation. It is especially for the large corporate or business groups with considerable employees. Under this policy, the employers insure its employees in terms of health, travel, life, liability, personal accident etc. However, this policy covers the insured until he/she is in the organisation. The policy ceases straight away if the insured resigns from his duty.

Key Features of Corporate Insurance

Though corporate insurance can be multiple in types and each one has come with different features, the most common features include:

  • Your business set-up is completely protected against any lawsuit, irrespective of even your company is at fault. It also covers unintentional negligence causing harm to the third party. With this insurance, the insured is well-covered for the legal expenses upon the business.
  • Even at times, insurance company appoints a lawyer to defend the business against a claim.
  • The group health insurance to the employees acts as an ultimate financial shield to the family, even in the absence of the insured.
  • Your business is covered for the loss due to a business interruption as well.

Benefits of offering Corporate Insurance

  • Helps in attracting good employees - Almost each and every individual seeking a job or job change tends to look at the employee benefits being offered by the company, and a good corporate insurance tends to be one of the major attractions for an employee.
  • Helps in retaining employees - When an employee thinks about switching jobs, they do take into consideration and compare what all were they offered previously and what is being offered by the other company.
  • Boosts performance and offers peace of mind - With a corporate health insurance plan, an employee gets the feel that the employer is taking care of his as well as his family. This, in turn offers him or he with the much needed mental peace, as a result of which he or she is able to perform better at work.
  • Helps in offering added health coverage - With employers offering a corporate health insurance plan, an employee can opt for an additional individual or family health insurance plan. Doing so further accounts for additional health cover for the employee.
  • Attainment of Job Satisfaction - With a corporate medical insurance plan offered by an employer, an employee tends to have a greater sense job satisfaction, which in turn encourages an employee to stay with that particular company for a longer period of time. The employee tends to feel satisfied with the employee benefits being offered.
  • Works towards employee loyalty - By witnessing the way in which the employer is taking care of its respective employees, the employees tend to adapt an attitude of loyalty towards their respective employers. This, in turn tends to help a company achieve loyal work force
  • Offers support in times of medical emergencies - Like any other health insurance plan, a corporate medical insurance plan also offers an individual with the much needed financial assistance in case he or she faces a medical emergency. Furthermore, with this one is neither burdened nor has to compromise on quality healthcare.

How to Claim Corporate Insurance

In order to ensure a smooth claim process with the insurer, the following steps are to be ensured:

Claim Registration

In case of an incident due to which a claim can arise, immediately inform the insurer at their helpline number. The following information will be required while registering a claim:

  • Employer Contact number
  • Policy Number
  • Name of Insured
  • Date & Time of Loss
  • Location of Loss
  • Contact details at Loss Location
  • Nature of Loss
  • Estimate of loss

Claim Survey

Upon intimation, the customer care executive will register the claim. The company will appoint a surveyor to investigate the damages. Try to provide him with the best possible information regarding the incident.

Claim Assessment and Documentation

The surveyor after estimating the damage will seek the requisite documents.

Settlement and Treatment of Salvage

If the claim fulfils the terms and conditions of corporate insurance policy, the same will be considered for settlement. The payment will be disbursed with the consent of the insured accordingly.

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